Who We Are – What We Do

Global Market Connection Group is a privately held, full-service commercial and residential real estate investment and development company. As a full-service developer, GMCG has a team of highly experienced professionals and strategic partners whose specialized expertise provides our clients with exceptional quality of service. Our management team provides real estate investment services including market evaluation, land search, site selection, feasibility and due diligence, contract negotiation and acquisition. Our team of strategic partners provide legal, financial, investment, architectural, construction management, and interior design services for a wide variety of investment projects. Collectively, our diverse, cohesive team enables us to move quickly through each project from beginning to end. In addition, our partnership with select domestic and international real estate companies ensures the best sales and marketing expertise and exposure for our projects and investors.

As a creative, visionary design and development group, GMCG’s management team targets specific markets, researches hotspots, identifies investment opportunities, and creates strategic acquisition and real estate development plans for our investment partners. We form joint partnerships with like-minded domestic and international investors who share mutual investment goals and vision. Our ultimate goal is the successful completion and ensuing profitability of our projects for our investment partners.