Commercial Real Estate

Our commercial real estate development projects begin with identifying the investor’s short-term and long-term investment goals and objectives. Once these goals are clearly defined, a strategic plan is developed, and the search begins for the specific type of development project that will achieve the investor’s goals of return on investment.  This process includes:

  • Market study and competitive analysis: A geographic market study of a target market, hot spot or industry is undertaken to identify potential investment opportunities. A competitive analysis is conducted to determine precise assessments and valuations.
  • Land search and site selection: An extensive land search is conducted to compile a list of potential, suitable sites.  Multiple sites are identified, assessed and excluded, until the best and most suitable property is singled out.
  • Feasibility study: A thorough, unbiased feasibility study is conducted for each new project to determine its potential for success, based on its proposed use and geographic location.  The information supplied in this comprehensive study is the basis upon which a sound, well-founded decision can be made, and provides the initial framework for formulating a development strategy.
  • Due diligence: An analysis into the costs, benefits and risks of the project is conducted, along with any legal, environmental or zoning issues that need to be addressed or mitigated.  The overall results of this research will ultimately inform and determine the course of action to be taken.
  • Financial strategy: A comprehensive financial feasibility study of the project will be conducted.  The results of this study will determine the best possible approach to equity and debt financing opportunities.  Assistance will be provided in finalizing all financial relationships.

For the foreign investor, investing in the U.S. commercial real estate market is seen as a safe place to invest in, and as a way to broaden and diversify their portfolio.  GMCG has the expertise and experience in completing substantial real estate transactions for foreign investors, and is committed to providing U.S. investment opportunities that will enhance and strengthen investor holdings.