10 Reasons to Visit Buenos Aires

the {very} abridged version

Posted on July 12, 2016

Inner Beauty

No. 1

Palermo is BA’s trendiest neighborhood; filled with 5 star hotels, luxury boutiques, fine restaurants and a lively nightlife. Also, home of the Botanical garden.

No. 2

Teatro Grand Splendid Bookstore a bookstore as majestic as it’s name. Ornate carvings and painted ceilings remain as they were when the building was a vibrant theater. Slip into a theater box to peruse your book or visit the Cafe behind the velvet curtained stage. Link Here {Just  20 minutes walk from the theater turned bookstore is the well-known Teatro Colón; named of the 5 best concert venues in the world for its near perfect acoustics}Link here

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No. 3

Skip breakfast at your hotel and head to one of the many sidewalk cafes where you can enjoy the breakfast of the locals; Medialunas, coffee &  people watching. (Medialunas are a lightly sweetened croissant or try any other pastries …yes, pastries you can’t have more than one- it’s okay you’ll be walking around in abundance)

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No. 4

Angels are plentiful at the Recoleta cemetery, it is an amazingly beautiful and peaceful place. Not to be missed, even if you are the sort that is creeped out by cemeteries. This is the resting place of Eva Perón and many other notable Argentinians.
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No. 5

The San Telmo Street Market is Open only on Sundays, here you will find blocks and blocks of street vendors and small shops, literally packed from floor to ceiling, for the serious treasure hunter, one day will not be enough to see all the unique treasures.

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No. 6

On the Sunday I visited, the entire city of Buenos Aires smelled like a typical American back yard BBQ, but there’s no comparison to the delightful taste. Omnivores will definitely enjoy grilled meats whether at a fine restaurant or street vendor, your meat loving taste buds will thank you.
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No. 7 and 8

Passion- Tango. While you will see the Tango danced on any given street corner, it’s most appealing in the colorful neighborhood of La Boca. La Boca is a quaint neighborhood that will take you back in time.  You must give the Tango a try with a private lesson or at least watch the artistry from your seat at one the many nightly shows held all around BA.  And more Passion-Football.  Join the mayhem, chants that shake the stadium and excitement while catching the Boca Juniors game at La Bombonera “the Chocolate Box” in La Boca or their rivals River Plate north of Palermo.

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No. 9 and 10

Puerto Madero, the entire Port area is park like, with abundant fine dining and some American chains ( T.G.I.F) The Punte De La Mujer is a rotating foot bridge. walk across this beautiful sculpture and hop aboard the floating 1898 Navy training ship- the Sarmiento museum.

Plaza Mayo and the Pink House. This historic square is named for May 25 revolution that lead to Argentina’s Independence, the adjacent Pink House is the center of Government. The Pink House is the home of the executive offices of the President of Argentina. After visiting the square continue walking toward Avenida 9 de Julio to view the Obelisk. Note: there are frequent protests in both areas, but they are generally quiet.

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For an outdoor adventure a day away plan a camp out on the dunes of Balneario Los Angeles, Necochea. Visit this Blogger for a unique view of the area from an American ex-pat living in Argentina.
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